Fotis Dulos, Suspect in Jennifer Dulos Case on Murder Charge, Attempted Suicide and Is Now Hospitalized and in Critical Condition

Report by Paula Antolini, January 29, 2020, 8:32AM EDT

Home where Fotis Dulos was living and in which he attempted to commit suicide on January 28, 2020, at 4 Jefferson Crossing, Farmington, CT.

Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of missing mom Jennifer Dulos, attempted to commit suicide Tuesday, January 28, 2020, in his own home at Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, CT, and was eventually hospitalized in critical condition where he now remains at Jacobi Hospital in New York.

According to court records, Fotis Dulos, was due in court at 12 noon in Stamford, CT, on Tuesday for bond adjustment hearing regarding a $6 million bond. Dulos’ suicide attempt was hours after finding out that the bonding company had filed to rescind the bond, and he could be sent to jail.

He was originally charged with the murder of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos, released on bond and was on strict house arrest.

Jennifer Dulos has been missing since May 24, 2020.


At approximately 11:54 am on Tuesday, January 28th, Farmington Police Lt. Tim McKenzie said police received information to do a wellness call to check on Fotis Dulos at the Jefferson Crossing home, because he was not at a bond hearing in Stamford scheduled for that day. No information about who called the police but it was mentioned that a woman was at his home about a half hour earlier, possibly from the defense attorney’s office, and when there was no answer at the home she called authorities.

We got a quick first glimpse of Dulos in his driveway after police found him unresponsive after looking into a garage window at the Jefferson Crossing home in Farmington and saw Dulos “in distress” in a vehicle there, later learned to be from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Farmington Police did a forced-entry into the garage and dragged Dulos out onto the driveway pavement. Drones and helicopters captured the minute-by-minute moments in realtime, viewed online. CPR was performed for about ten minutes, ambulances and medics arrived on the scene, and Dulos was pronounced dead, which was confirmed by legal authorities and also then reported on numerous news websites.

When asked during a subsequent news conference if there was a suicide note, Farmington Police Lt. Tim McKenzie would not indicate yes or no due to an ongoing investigation and new crime scene being processed.

BUT … Later Fotis’ attorney, Norm Pattis, stated to media, “There’s “a pulse,” and that Dulos was bering transported to UConn John Dempsey Hospital in Farmington. This is after he gave condolences to the family. Pattis was out of town on another case that day but arrived in CT later. Attorney Kevin Smith was also blindsided with the suicide news and aftermath.

Dulos was then transported by a UConn Fire Department ambulance to a waiting LifeStar helicopter that landed on the property of UConn John Dempsey Hospital. Any additional views of Fotis were hidden by a white sheet held up by authorities.

First reports were that he was being taken to Bridgeport Hospital to be placed in a hyperbaric chamber, imperative for carbon monoxide poisoning, but then plans changed and he was brought to Jacobi Hospital in New York to receive this treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows patients to breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber.

When the helicopter landed at Jacobi Hospital, Dulos was wheeled out of the Life Star helicopter to another waiting ambulance and you could see that his face was partially covered by a white cloth, as viewed from a drone or helicopter aerial video footage shown by Channel 3 News. We also got another partial glimpse of his face as the stretcher turned to be loaded into the second ambulance and it showed an oxygen tube under his nose.

Pattis was supposed to give a second news conference late Tuesday about an update on Dulos’ condition after he visited Dulos, but he decided not to give comment. No further updates on Dulos’ condition have been revealed.

However, Pattis stated to media earlier, “I don’t know if people who have not been accused can appreciate the savageness of the criminal justice system. We have a presumption of innocence in this country for a reason and all the folks who harped on Mr. Dulos can obviously take some grim satisfaction in today’s events but my message to each and every one of them is shame on you.”

Pattis said he never thought Dulos’ was suicidal.

Pattis described Dulos’ present condition as “perilous” earlier yesterday.

Fotis Dulos now remains at Jacobi in critical condition.

Other news sources reports that Dulos’ family has flown in from Greece to be with him.

A bond hearing will be held in Stamford today.


Fotis Dulos is under strict house arrest for the alleged murder of his estranged wife on May 24, 2020, but was out on $6 million bail. The house arrest required Dulos to wear an ankle monitor and have limited travel. He was allowed to attend work-related events, attend church, doctors appointments and attorney appointments. However, recently Dulos got out of his car near his property to remove items from a makeshift memorial of flowers and candles that was set up by individuals near has home, to honor his wife Jennifer Dulos.

Fotus was later reprimanded in his next court appearance for making an unauthorized stop, by a judge who said his actions were was “stupid” and Dulos simply nodded back. The judge called it Dulos’ “second strike” and adjusted the terms of his release and removed the condition that allowed him to leave his home for work. Dulos had to now work from home or have another person do the work.

The judge said the “first strike” was regarding Dulos charging his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet last year.

If Dulos made a “third strike” the judge said he would then increase or double the bond.

Meanwhile his attorney, Norm Pattis, stated that the memorial was there to taunt his client.

Additional suspects arrested for conspiracy to commit murder are Kent Mawhinney, Dulos’ civil attorney, who could not make bail and is presently in jail, and Michelle Troconis, Dulos’ girlfriend, who has a young daughter and had moved into the jefferson Crossing home in Farmington to live with Fotis Dulos after Jennifer moved out last year when she filed for divorce after claiming much abuse by Fotis Dulos and that he cheated.

Jennifer Dulos has been missing since May 24, 2020 and presently authorities presume her dead, based on the quantity of blood found at the crime scene, and an expert opinion on survivability based on blood loss and assumed injuries, but have not been able to locate her remains. None of the suspects gave an information about Jennifer Dulos’ whereabouts but they have found discrepancies in their testimonies when interviewed, on numerous details, as listed in the recent 400+ page search warrants.

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