Election Complaint Filed Against Democrat Will Haskell

Report by Paula Antolini
October 29, 2018, 2:25PM EDT


Election Complaint Filed Against Democrat Will Haskell

~GOP Chairman Romano files complaint that candidate Will Haskell is using CEP Grant for personal gain~

The Connecticut Republican Party reported on October 26, 2018:

The Chairman of the Connecticut Republican J.R. Romano filed an election complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission after finding evidence that State Senate candidate Will Haskell has violated the letter and will of CGS9-607(g).

“This is another example of a Democrat thinking the rules don’t apply to them” said chairman J.R. Romano. The language of the law is clear, a candidate cannot use his or her CEP grant for personal expenses.”

In the committee’s July and October filings, the Will Haskell for CT candidate committee paid Haskell’s roommate, $1,125. The two share an apartment, currently listed for rent at $1,100.

“Will Haskell is showing us that he is too immature to run for office, using a scheme to live in an apartment on state money while families are struggling to pay their own rent. Moreover, Will is using the CEP grant as his own personal slush fund and I think the State Elections Enforcement Committee should look into this matter so abuses like this stop” continued Romano.

Will Haskell is running in Senate District 26 against respected incumbent, Toni Boucher. The current landlord of the address Haskell used on his CEP documents is actively seeking new tenants as of December 1st.

Is he moving out when the grant is gone? Where is Will Haskell going?



The CT Post reports: “There’s a simple answer that may not have occurred to Mr. Romano, and that is that my roommate, Jack Lynch, is my campaign manager,” Haskell said in a statement. “Jack is compensated for his work on the campaign, and we both pay rent. Sen. Boucher and Chairman Romano are welcome to stop by any time to visit Jack and me.”

Josh Foley, a staff attorney and spokesman for the State Elections Enforcement Commission, declined comment. As a procedure, the agency usually does not comment on a complaint until it is docketed. The next meeting of the SEEC is Nov. 14, reports the CT Post.



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