Donations Needed for ‘Off The Streets’ to Help the Homeless

Report by Paula Antolini, March 26, 2019, 1:17PM EDT

Off The Streets, a non-profit organization, that helps find homes for the homeless of The Greater Danbury area, is in need of donations. They are currently in desperate need of the following items: twin and full mattresses, box springs, bed frames, small kitchen tables and chairs, end tables, dressers, microwaves, floor lamps, night stands.



Off the Streets works to get currently homeless people out of shelters and the streets into housing.   They can act very quickly — the transition from homelessness to a furnished room or apartment can take place within a day or two.

They provide the following kinds of help:

  • Moral support and encouragement — to help people believe that they can escape the trap of homelessness, and to help them retain their housing
  • Up to one month security deposit
  • Furniture and household items

In the 7 years of our history, Off the Streets Danbury has taken over 500 people off the streets and into housing.

Off the Streets is completely volunteer based.  Although they team with local social service agencies, they have no paid staff and minimal overhead.  If you would like to get involved, please see our “volunteer your time” page.   They can use help with furniture and household goods, and would really appreciate donation of a panel truck for deliveries.


Donate Furniture

When a homeless person gets a room or apartment, often he/she moves in with only the clothes on their back.   One of the important services provided by OTS is to supply them with a complete set of furniture and household items.

Most people coming off the streets move into rooms or small apartments.   There is very limited space, and they have basic needs.

Here’s a status of what they are taking at the present time (Mar 2019).   If you items are what they need, they collect furniture on the 1st Saturday of the month behind the Bethel United Methodist Church (141 Greenwood Ave) from 10am to noon.   They also have storage facilities at Prime Storage (20 Old Ridgebury Road) in Danbury and can meet you there at other times.   Their ability to pick up furniture is limited.   Call 203-733-5880 to contact us.

Off the Streets is a 501 C non-profit. All donations made to them are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Community services hours are available to anyone who would like to volunteer with them.


Financial Support

Off the Streets does not rely on national, state, or local government money.   They have been blessed by the generosity of donors who believe in their mission.

Off the Streets has no paid staff, no office, and minimal overhead. Except for insurance, their overhead is currently $20/month ($10 for a phone line, $4 for PO box and $4 for this website).   Any other funds contributed go directly to support their mission.  They have found that it costs approximately $500 to get a homeless person Off The Streets.

If you would like to support their work, please send contributions to:

Off the Streets
PO Box 591
Bethel CT  06801

or donate via Paypal

OTS is a 501(c)(3) organization per the IRS.  Their federal tax id number is 27-0979787.   All donations are tax deductible.


Volunteer Your Time

Off the Streets currently can use volunteers to help them pick up, organize and deliver furniture and household goods.

If you are interested in donating at panel truck for them to use to deliver furniture, they would love to hear from you!!

Volunteer meetings are held monthly at 9:45 AM on the 1st Saturday of the month just prior to their monthly furniture and household goods collections. The location is behind the Bethel United Methodist Church — 141 Greenwood Ave in Bethel.


If You Need Help

Off The Streets will be on vacation from July 21 through July 28.   If you are in need of assistance, you can contact them and they’ll get back to you when they return.

If you are homeless in the Danbury CT area, Off the Streets can help you. Last year they took 100 people Off the Streets and into housing!!  However, you need to have some source of income (job or disability payments) and a desire to get Off the Streets. Please contact them in either of the following ways:

  • Phone — 203-733-5880 — leave a detailed message about your situation
  • Email — their email address is — please include as many details as possible


If you are interested in more reasons to support Off the Streets, click here for some additional reasons: OTSTop10ReasonstoDonate