Danbury Hospital Healthcare Workers Fight Back Against Mandatory Vaccines Stating ‘My Body, My Choice’ as the Unvaccinated Are About to Be Terminated Oct. 15th

Report by Paula Antolini, September 7, 2021, 11:08PM EDT

Vaccine mandates have now affected healthcare workers’ jobs as deadlines to receive the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine are approaching.

According to a press release by the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) on June 24, 2021, “Connecticut Hospitals Endorse Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Their Employees”, CHA endorsed a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for hospital and health system employees and clinical staff.

“Hospitals are leaders in Connecticut’s response to the pandemic and we believe taking this step is in
further support of public health and the safety of our patients and workforce,” observed Jennifer
Jackson, CEO of the association. “The science is clear, vaccines are safe and effective, and are proving to
be the best way to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in our state.”

However there is now much opposition to the mandatory vaccine for healthcare workers.

A group of over 100 “Danbury Healthcare Workers” and hospital service employees, a part of the Nuvance Health system, have set up a GoFundMe page to fight the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine. Their reason for the fundraiser is, “to help with legal fees so that we can fight back against the unfair and unconstitutional mandates imposed upon us by Nuvance Health and CEO Dr. John Murphy, and to help us to survive until we can return to our callings as dedicated care givers and support staff.” 

They state, “We have sincere religious and medical objections to the vaccine, and we are trying to protect our Constitutional rights to abstain from a vaccine that we are against taking. We also feel we are serving the greater good by representing and protecting freedom to choose for all.”

“We have been on the frontlines of patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, putting our bodies on the line and enduring immense mental and emotional anguish. We have shown up every day in order to serve the community, care for the sick, and hold the hands of the dying. Now, on October 15, 2021, we are being terminated because of the COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” they said.

“They rejected ALL religious and medical exemptions for the frontline nurses and healthcare workers. We are a group of over 100 healthcare workers and hospital service employees that will be out of a job next month,” they said.

The group urges you to, “Please help us if you believe in us. We thank you for helping us protect ‘my body my choice.’ “

The GoFundMe the website is HERE where you can donate.

A possible statewide rally is planned for September 18, 2021, in Hartford.

Note: We have messaged the Connecticut Hospital Association / Danbury Hospital but have not received a response.