Congratulations to BHS 2021 National Merit Scholarship Finalists Lauren Alvero, Audrey Keener and Arav Parikh

Report by Paula Antolini, April 24, 2021, 8:34AM EDT

Congratulations to Lauren Alvero, Audrey Keener and Arav Parikh as the BHS 2021 National Merit Scholarship Finalists.

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Furthermore, Ms. Audrey E Keener has been selected as a winner of the National Merit Aon Scholarship. Audrey is one of 7,500 students out 15,000 to receive this prestigious scholarship.

The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. Approximately 1.5 million high school students enter the program each year.

The National Merit Scholarship Program has now determined which of the 16,000 Semifinalists named in September 2020 have met all requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the competition. All Finalists will be considered for National Merit Scholarship awards to be offered in 2021.

The selection of some 7,500 Merit Scholarship winners from the group of more than 15,000 Finalists is now in progress. In March, NMSC began notifying scholarship winners by email, with confidential notification sent to their high schools. Four major new media announcements of Merit Scholar designees will be made by NMSC in April, May, June, and July.

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