Community Conversation on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety, Hosted by Bethel Public Schools and Bethel Police, May 20th

Report by Paula Antolini, May 5, 2019, 1:35PM EDT

Message from Bethel Public Schools and the Bethel Police Department, hosts of this event:

The emotional and physical safety of our children is a top priority. In the last several years our incidences of mean behavior or cyberbullying has increased exponentially, just look at these shocking cyber bullying statistics via BroadbandSearch for example. In addition, our students are being exposed to dangerous content and interactions with predators. We believe that the level of increased incidences is directly related to students having smartphones at young ages. (8-9 year olds). We believe that we need to partner with parents to educate them on the current issues and strategize on ways to reduce incidents.

The Bethel Public Schools in conjunction with the Bethel Police Department and interested parents would like to invite you to a Community Conversation regarding this important safety discussion. The focus of the conversation will be as follows:

Understanding the complexity of the problem; How the schools, in partnership with the police, are addressing issues; Strategies for parents to work as partners in addressing the problem; and Ideas from parents on additional strategies the schools can implement to combat the problem.

Our Community Conversation on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety will be on Monday, May 20, 2019 beginning at 6:00 PM in the Bethel Middle School Media Center.

Participants of the conversation include:

Dr. Christine Carver, Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Bryan Watson, Principal, Bethel Middle School
Mrs. Alison Salerno, Principal, Johnson School
Detective George Bryce, Bethel Police Department
Officer Thomas Schretzenmayer, School Resource Officer, Bethel Police Department 
Officer John Mclintock, Youth Officer, Bethel Police Department
Mr. Michael Patten, Parent
Mrs. Courtney Martin, Parent and Board of Education Member

We are opening the invitation to all families, but are highly encouraging parents of Johnson and Middle School to attend, as the issues are most acute at those age levels.