Close Call for Brookfield Fire Dept. While Working on a Two-Car Motor Vehicle Accident – Remember to Slow Down and Move Over

Report by Paula Antolini, August 9, 2019, 11:34AM EDT

Message from Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company:

Yesterday, while working on a two-car motor vehicle accident on Obtuse Hill Road, our responders almost became part of another accident. A box truck traveling towards the scene did not slow down- and narrowly missed hitting the crews and a bystander, before veering off-road and across two yards.

We always ask that you slow down and move over for our safety on the side of the road. Some people may not see the flashing lights or hear our sirens, so they’re relying on YOU- the responsible drivers- to help us out and keep us safe. Remember- if you see flashing red, blue, amber or green lights – #SlowDownMoveOver


Redding Fire & EMS Company #1 stated, First responders around the world are being injured and killed at an alarming rate at roadway incidents. The slow down & move over law is intended to help protect us at these incidents. Nothing is better than exercising patience, care, and extreme awareness when driving near one of our incidents out on the road.”


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