Breaking News: Car Crashes into Hospital Emergency Room Entrance in Middlesex CT, Suspected to be “Intentional”

Report by Paula Antolini
February 22, 2018 11:32AM EDT





Breaking News: Car Crashes into Hospital Emergency Room Entrance in Middlesex CT, Suspected to be “Intentional”

At approximately 1oam Thursday morning a car crashed into the emergency room entrance of Middlesex Hospital at Crescent Street in Middletown, CT, shattering the glass doors and the car caught fire, WFSB/Channel 3 reports.  One person has been hurt but the extent of injuries not known, they report. A Life Star emergency helicopter has been dispatched to the location as well as fire departments for mutual aid.

WFSB reports, “Police sources told Channel 3 that the crash was intentional and that there may have been gas cans in the car.”

“The hospital is in “emergency operations mode,” WFSB reports hospital officials said.

Click here for a LIVE STREAM.

There will be a news briefing at City Hall around noon. View LIVESTREAM  here.



UPDATE 2-22-18 12:20pm:

At the news conference it was confirmed by the Fire Dept. that there were multiple gas cans in the vehicle and bomb squads are there.

The vehicle caught fire in the front end as well as the person inside becoming “inflamed.”

It was considered a three-alarm fire because of the nature of the call, it being a hospital.

Police said a “Blue Plan” is in place to call for mutual aid in cases such as this, but that they had enough resources so the plan was canceled today.

People in the emergency room have been moved as a precaution.

The man in the car, in his 20’s, was “flown to the burn center at Bridgeport Hospital,” NBC News reports.  His motives are not known at this time, they report.

“Middletown Mayor Dan Drew said during a news conference that local officials believe this was an isolated threat, but other municipal, state and federal authorities have been called in to assist in clearing the vehicle and the man’s home as a precaution,” NBC reports.

A possible second news conference coming later today as information gets updated.


View the WFSB video for news conference:




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