BREAKING NEWS: WCSU on ‘Shelter in Place’ Mode, Danbury Schools on Lockdown, Gunman Spotted

Report by Paula Antolini
June 4, 2018 1:33PM EDT


BREAKING NEWS: WCSU on ‘Shelter in Place’ Mode, Danbury Public Schools on Lock Down, Gunman Spotted

Western Connecticut State University is on “shelter in place”mode and Danbury Public Schools are on lock down mode after a woman called 911 after seeing a man with a rifle heading into White Hall on the midtown campus, a WCSU spokesperson confirmed to News 8/WTNH.  The building has been evacuated.

According to CT State Police, “Troopers, Danbury & WCSU PD on scene White Hall at WestConn for unconfirmed report of person w/gun on campus. There is NO active shooter. Shots have NOT been fired. WCSU is locked down as investigation continues.”

A person has been apprehended, WCSU officials said, but no weapon has been found, so police continue to search for a suspect with the same description as the man seen entering White Hall, reports WTNH.

Slightly before 1:oo p.m. Danbury Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sal Pascarella sent a text to parents informing them that as a precaution Danbury Public Schools will be on lock down, reports WTNH.

“If you are on the Midtown campus, please continue to shelter in place until further notice,” is posted on the WCSU Facebook page.

WCSU campus remains on lock down.

Developing story. We will post more information as updates are received from police.



Bethel Public Schools sent out the following email to parents and guardians on 6-4-18 at 1:25p.m.:

“Dear Parents/Guardians, and Staff,

“We have received several phone calls regarding the incident occurring at WCSU Midtown Campus. Danbury Public Schools are on lockdown as a precautionary measure. We have been in contact with the Bethel Police Department and at this point the situation is isolated to Danbury. We are business as usual. Should the status change we will implement our safety and security measures.”



UPDATE 6-4-18 2:48PM:

“Around 1:45 p.m, officials gave the “all clear” signal. No one was hurt. Classes have returned to normal at WestConn as well as Danbury Public Schools,” WTNH reports.

“Employee Carrying Microphone Stand Leads To Lockdown At WCSU,” the Hartford Courant reports. “Authorities have called off a lockdown that paralyzed Western Connecticut State University and Danbury Public Schools after learning that a person reported to have been toting a rifle was in fact a university employee carrying a microphone stand.”

“There is NO active shooter,” Police wrote in a tweet. “Shots have NOT been fired.”







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