Breaking News: Bethel Fire Depts. and Mutual Aid from Many Towns Respond to Fire in Clarke Park, Ongoing

Report from Paula Antolini, May 19, 2019, 5:37PM EDT

This afternoon’s Memorial Day Parade was cut short and no fire trucks appeared at the end of the parade because they were responding to local fires starting at approximately 1:00 p.m..

A 16,385-square-foot industrial warehouse on 3.50 acres, located at 21 Francis J. Clarke Circle in Clarke Business Park, is on fire. Fire Marshall Tom Galliford said there are two companies in the building. Tape adhesive and non-toxic cleaning products are manufactured there. It was built in 1987 according to loopnet.com.

Bethel Fire and EMS reports: “Today at Bethel Middle School Bethel Fire & EMS among with Stony Hill Fire Rescue responded for an AFA. First due units report smoke in the building. subsequent units prepared for fire attack, thankfully the buildings sprinkler system was able to contain the fire. Units were then dispatched to Francis J. Clark industrial Park for a structure fire units still on scene, will update later.”

Mutual aid from many towns is on the scene in Clarke Park off Grassy Plain, besides the Bethel fire departments. Tankers and/or fire trucks and mutual aid that we saw on scene were from the towns of Weston, Hawleyville, Sandy Hook, Beaver Brook, Dodgingtown, Redding, Trumbull (Nichols FD), Trumbull (Ladder Tower), Shelton, Stepney Fire, Brookfield, Roxbury, and Bethel Police were on hand too. Others were Danbury, Georgetown, Newtown, Ridgefield, West Redding, Weston, Middlebury, Monroe, Beacon Falls, Prospect, Wolcott and Southbury.

Fire is not out but contained to building, according to Fire Marshall Tom Galliford, via communication from Bethel CERT Coordinator Teresa Fogel, to update concerned citizens online. “Tankers continue to bring water to the scene,” said Fogel. Galliford said there are no plans for evacuation of residents living in the area. Bethel CERT remains on standby if assistance is needed.

Stony Hill Fire Dept. reports: “Bethel and Stony Hill FD along with numerous mutual aid companies from Fairfield County are operating at a large commercial fire in the Francis J Clarke business park. Please avoid the area. More info to follow.” … “6:20 pm update****still an active scene, making progress. Awaiting an excavator to help open up the building.”

Report from CT Fire & Rescue Incidents: “Delta side is storing water based chemicals, Bravo side flammable chemicals.” … “DEEP to scene to perform air sampling.” … “The whole building is on fire” “per command when asking dispatch to advise DEEP of situation.”

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Photo from Stony Hill FD …..

Photos from Bethel Fire & EMS FD of Bethel Middle School Fire …..

Photos by Patrick Magyar:


UPDATE May 19, 2019, 10:48PM EDT:

Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company:

At approx 1345 hours today the BVFC was requested mutual aid to Bethel for a commercial structure fire at FJ Clarke Circle.

E-4, E-1 (Quint), Tower Ladder 100, Medic 1 and Tanker 2 operated until almost 10 pm. 18-3 stood by at the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company.

The Water Witch Hose Co. #2 of New Milford and the Washington Volunteer Fire Department provided station coverage while we were helping Bethel.