Breaking News: A Bethel ‘OCCUPY GREENWOOD’ Protest is Planned for June 7th, ‘March for Justice, March for Peace’ Event

Report by Paula Antolini, June 4, 2020, 3:22PM EDT

A Bethel ‘OCCUPY GREENWOOD’ event is planned for 12 noon on Sunday, June 7, 2020 on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT regarding justice for the George Floyd death. The event is hosted by David Hayes. Location is approximately from P.T. Barnum Square to the Bethel Public Library, on Greenwood, and the CJH Municipal Center lawn.

The “plan” is to close down Greenwood Avenue in defiance of the present cancellation of the protest that was supposed to take place tonight on the Bethel CJH Municipal Center lawn.

The Facebook event page reads (there are typos but we are printing as-is):

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“Our town has failed us. Their gross complicancy in the recent weeks can no longer be accepted. They’ve taken down signs, washed away messages of support, and canceled a peace vigil. Business wish to remain neutral, while members of the our very community face racism and oppression everyday.

“The Plan: Assemble at the Dougboy Statue. From there we will stand and sit down along the heart of Greenwood Avenue. We will shut down the street that runs through the heart of town, and the heart of our community.

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“Enough is Enough. If there will be no justice, there will be no peace. We will close down greenwood avenue, maybe then the town will finally listen. Bring signs, bring you voices, show out.”

Bethel event host and organizer David Hayes.

Event organizer David Hayes posted, “I just want to stress that this protest is meant to be peaceful and that through this we do not seek violence.”

Hayes has a gofundme fundraiser created HERE and said, “Funds will go to getting supplies like water and face masks. Additionally funds will be donated to larger organizations and potentially used as bail funds as well.”

The Gofundme has raised $420 of the $500 goal and reads:

“This gofundme will benefit the planned Protest in Downtown Bethel Sunday June 7th at 12pm.  Our community is in pain, just like every other community across this country. It is time that our voices for change be heard and acknowledged. What we need now to support our peaceful efforts is financial backing, and that’s where you come in. A few dollars here and there will go far in helping us make sure our voices are heard and out pain is felt. Funds will be used to get supplies such as cases of water, as well as face masks and gloves to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Funds will also be donated to larger organizations as well as used as bail funds, funeral funds, etc… Every Little bit helps, and while the goal is only $500, hopefully we can surpass the number greatly.  Power to the People.”