Boucher for Connecticut: Look What They’re Saying About Toni Boucher  

Report by Paula Antolini
October 30, 2018, 6:29PM EDT


Boucher for Connecticut: Look What They’re Saying About Toni Boucher  

The rush of endorsements and acknowledgements from organizations around the state is indicative of the high level of approval for the job that Toni has done.

They come from groups representing the broadest realm of our state’s interests, from education and the environment to women’s rights and child safety to business and industry.

Here are just a few…


“We honor Toni Boucher as a ‘Children’s Champion’ for her commitment to promoting early childhood development.”

Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance


“Thank you again for standing up for gun violence prevention and recognizing gun safety.”

Moms Demand Action


“You have shown a strong commitment to promoting an environment where companies can compete, attract much-needed investment to our state, and drive economic growth and job creation.

CT Business & Industry Association


“We cite Toni Boucher as a ‘Legislative Advocate’ for her diligent work in passing the Holocaust and Genocide education bill for Connecticut public schools.” 

Jewish Federation of Connecticut


“We endorse Toni Boucher as a true leader on environmental issues.”

Connecticut League of Conservation Voters


Committed to the needs of Main Street small businesses…”

National Federation of Independent Businesses


On behalf of Connecticut Realtors, we’re please to relay that our association voted to endorse your candidacy for Senate district 26.”

Connecticut Association of Realtors

State Senator Toni Boucher is a dedicated and tireless leader who fights the good fight for good government everyday. We need her now more than ever. Please vote to re-elect her on November 6th!

Boucher for Connecticut



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