Bid Process Waived and $659,721 Approved by BOS for New Bethel Fire Dept. Pumper

Report by Paula Antolini, December 22, 2018, 8:10PM EDT

Congratulations to the Bethel Fire Department (CT) on the purchase of their new Seagrave Pumper. This unit will feature the Marauder 131″ Stainless Steel Cab, Stainless Steel Body, 2000 GPM Waterous Pump and a 750 Gallon UPF L-Tank. This is Bethel FD’s first Seagrave unit and will be designated Engine 6 and supplied by Hudson Valley Fire Equipment and Seagrave.

The Bethel Board of Selectman has waived the bidding process last month regarding the purchase of a Bethel Fire Department Pumper for $659,721.

“RESOLVED, that the Board of Selectmen, in accordance with the provisions of the Town of Bethel Charter, Section C8- 13. C.( 4)( iii), finds that it is in the public interest and the public economy to waive the advertising and bidding requirements with respect to the purchase of one ( 1) Seagrave Marauder II Stainless Steel Custom Pumper (the Pumper”) and award the bid to Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC under HGAC contract FS12- 17 for the total consideration of$ 659,721.00 for the following reasons:

“1.) That funding in the amount of $660,000.00 for the Pumper was included
and approved as a capital expenditure at the Budget Town Meeting for the Fiscal Year 2018- 2019.

“2.) The Bethel Volunteer Fire Department formed a Committee to investigate and to secure the best Pumper available at a price within the amount of the approved expenditure. That the Committee exchanged with and received information from four major manufacturers regarding the need for said Pumper and came to the conclusion that Seagrave met all of the needs of the Bethel Volunteer Fire Department.

“3.) In addition, the Committee received competitive prices through the HCAC organization out of the State of Texas which is a nationwide governmental procurement service performing governmental functions that screens manufacturers and contractors for governmental purchases through a cooperative purchasing program.

“4.) That HCAC has secured bids for at least forty ( 40) Connecticut
municipalities, several State of Connecticut universities and several Connecticut municipal fire departments.

“5.) At least twenty (20) Connecticut municipal fire departments have
purchased Seagrave firefighting equipment and/ or vehicles.

“6.) There are a limited number of companies that supply such Pumpers. The
shortage of such companies could lead to a protracted and costly process of
placing the vehicle out to bid with questionable results as to number of bidders and the amount of any bid.

“7.) That the contract price of $659,721. 00 for said Pumper is fair and
reasonable price for such Pumper and acceptance of said price would be in the best interests of the Town of Bethel.

“And It Is Further Resolved that the First Selectman and or his designee( s) on behalf of the Board of Selectmen, is hereby authorized to execute any and all documents and to take any actions necessary or appropriate to effectuate and finalize the foregoing, subject to final review and approval by Town Counsel.

“Vote, all in favor, motion approved unanimously.”