Bethel & Stony Hill Fire Depts. Dispatched to a Natural Gas Leak on Grassy Plain St. Where a Truck Went Into Building

Report by Paula Antolini, May 23, 2020, 9:56PM EDT

Message from Stony Hill FD:

Today at 11:10am, Bethel & Stony Hill Firefighters were dispatched to a truck into a building with a natural gas leak on Grassy Plain Street. Upon arrival, a pick up truck with landscaping trailer was located inside a building, causing severe structural damage and a severed natural gas meter going to the unit.

Eversource CT were requested forthwith to the scene while firefighters set up a protective ground monitor, keeping a constant flow of water on the gas leak. After the gas was shut off, the Bethel Emergency Management & Fire Marshal and Town Of Bethel – CT Building Department responded to the scene to begin investigating.

Bethel Police Department and Danbury Fire Department – CT were also on scene assisting while West Redding Volunteer Fire Department provided station coverage.

The driver was miraculously uninjured and the accident is being investigated by the Bethel Police Department. Crews returned to service around 3:30pm.

VIEW MORE PHOTOS BELOW (names on vehicles have been obscured by FD):

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