Bethel Schools Superintendent’s Message About New Guidance from DPH Regarding Individuals Who are Vaccinated, Not Vaccinated, and Mask Policy

Report by Paula Antolini, June 21, 2021, 2:47PM EDT

In a letter to Parents and Guardians, Dr. Christine Carver, Bethel Superintendent of Schools, wrote in part, “…the indoor mask policy is not in the control of the district. The Governor’s Executive Order, 12A stipulates that schools (inside only) are required to wear masks. From the Executive Order, the Department of Public Health reissued the requirements for schools (and other sectors). That mandate was also reinforced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in a more recent memo. Some parents have asked who they can contact at the State level to be able to express concerns on the topic. Here are some contact emails:

Charlene Russell-Tucker, Commissioner of Education,
Deidre Gifford, Commissioner of Public Health,
Governor Ned Lamont Email


COVID-19 Reminders

As you may know, there was new guidance released last week by the Department of Public Health regarding individuals who are vaccinated, not vaccinated, and mask expectations. Masks continue to be required inside school buildings.

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Outside, whether individuals are vaccinated or not, masks are not required. However, there are a few exceptions, crowds where there is not adequate spacing and/or if groups of students/staff are in close proximity for a prolonged period of time. But generally speaking students and staff who are working with their class outside (maintaining distance), at recess, and/or when participating in PE (outside), do not need to wear masks. For the most part, this has already been existing practice for “mask breaks”. Masks should be put on prior to re-entering/entering the school building.

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I hope this new guidance provides additional clarification. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your child’s school nurse for guidance.

School Nurse / Email Health Office / Phone Number:

Berry School / Robin Lamontagne, RN / 203-794-8681

Rockwell School / Donna Savellei, RN / 203-794-8719

Johnson School / Frances Jerolimo, RN / 203-794-8704

Bethel Middle School / Chris Cruz, RN / 203-794-8669

Bethel High School / Michelle Mitchell, RN / 203-794-8669

Bethel High School / Lisa Davenport, RN / 203-794-8600 ext. 1262

Bethel High School / Jill Kurtz, RN / 203-794-8600 ext. 1261

Thank you, again, for all of your efforts and support as a community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Laura Vasile, Director, Dept. of Public Health at 203-794-8539, or our BPS Health Coordinator, Lisa Davenport at 203-794-8600 ext. 1262, or myself at or 203-794-8601.

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Also posted online by the schools in a Google Doc is information from the CT Dept. of Health as follows: