Bethel Public Schools Upcoming Event: ‘Community Interactive Conversation’ to Discuss Results of Student Survey About Developmental Assets, Jan. 27th

Bethel Public Schools will hold an event on January 27, 2020, that will discuss the results of a survey recently conducted with students about developmental assets. It concerns “assessments of strengths, supports, and social/emotional factors that are essential for young people’s success in school and life.”

The event includes a brief presentation of the survey results and an important interactive conversation about the health and wellbeing opf our youth.

Learn about trends concerning:

  • Our positive student internal and external assets which reduces engagement in at risk behavior
  • Overview of at risk behavior among our youth and social emotional well-being
  • Civility, sense of belonging and perceptions around social behaviors in our community and schools (mean behavior, harassment and bullying)

Join us in developing strategies in our developing community-based solutions!

It is not too late to sign up for this VERY important forum. We already have about 100 people signed up! Be part of a community conversation on creating positive outcomes for our youth. Open to ALL parents and community members! We encourage parents of younger children to attend.

RSVP here.