Bethel Public Schools Policies Recently Reviewed, Revised or Approved

Report by Paula Antolini, January 15, 2021, 4:34PM EDT

Bethel Public Schools has released some information regarding changes in policies (see links below). This includes use of face coverings, prohibition of psychotropic drugs, blood-borne pathogens, health and welfare, administration of medication, communicable infectious diseases, psychotropic drug use, students/staff with HIV, ARC, or AIDS, sudden cardiac arrest prevention, health assessments and immunizations, and student sports – concussions.

Message from Bethel Public Schools:

“The Bethel Public Schools, as a learning community devoted to the academic and social growth of our children, creates educational
opportunities that inspire competence, creativity, teamwork, and a drive to excel. In an environment of trust and respect, high
expectations for student performance are evident in the discussions, actions, and policies of the Board of Education. Board of Education
policies can be found on our district website. As a way to increase communication about Board of Education policies we include Board
of Education policy updates in this section of our newsletter as they are approved by the Board. You can find the Board of Education
policies on the district website at: Bethel Board of Education Polices


Policies Recently Reviewed and/or Revised, & Approved:

Policy 4118.237/4218.237/5141.8 – Use of Face Coverings – 9/17/20

Policy 4118.234 – Prohibition of Psychotropic Drugs – 9/17/20

Policy/Regulation 4147.1 – Occupational Exposure to Blood-borne
Pathogens– 9/17/20

Policy/Regulation 5140 – Health and Welfare– 9/17/20

Policy 5141.21 – Administration of Medication– 9/17/20

Policy/Regulation 5141.22 – Communicable Infectious Diseases–

Policy 5141.23 – Psychotropic Drug Use– 9/17/20

Policy 5141.24 – Students/Staff with HIV, ARC, or AIDS– 9/17/20

Policy 5141.28 – Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention– 9/17/20

Policy/Regulation 5141.3 – Health Assessments & Immunizations–

Policy/Regulation 5141.7 – Student Sports – Concussions– 9/17/20

Regulation 4118.237/4218.237/5141.8 – Use of Face Coverings In School
– 9/30/20

In March, due to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order, we created a webpage to maintain public access to all Board of Education meetings
that began being held virtually due to COVID-19. All BOE Meeting Agendas & Minutes are still posted with the Town Clerk’s office.

To access and view the live streaming of our BOE Virtual Meetings, go to our website’s main page and select the link for “Board of
Education Virtual Meetings.

BOE meeting agendas, supporting documents, a link to the live stream during the meeting to view, and also a phone number to call to also allow the public the opportunity of participation during the audience participation portion of the agenda if they are calling in, they are all available on our website at Bethel Board of Education Virtual Meetings 2020
All BOE Virtual Meetings are recorded and posted on BEtv. You can access them via the BEtv webpage in the On-Demand section. BPS BEtv.