Bethel Legislators & Hopeline of Danbury Are Holding a Town-Wide Diaper Drive

Report by Paula Antolini
September 22, 2017 2:31PM EDT



Bethel Legislators & Hopeline of Danbury Are Holding a Town-Wide Diaper Drive



BETHEL – State Representatives Will Duff (R-2) and Stephen Harding (R-107) along with State Senators Toni Boucher (R-26) and Michael McLachlan (R-24) in cooperation with the Hopeline of Danbury will be hosting a town-wide Diaper Drive from Sept. 13th to Oct. 11th.


The Bethel legislative delegation put together this month-long diaper drive with Hopeline after  for in-need Bethel families after learning that diapers not covered by Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.


Bethel Residents can donate diapers at these two locations until Oct. 11th:


  • Bethel Municipal Center at 1 School Street in Bethel
  • Bethel Library at 189 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel


According to state statistics, a month’s supply of diapers can cost over $100. Unfortunately, the vast majorities of licensed day care centers do not accept cloth diapers, and require parents and caregivers to provide a steady supply of disposable diapers.


Most people living in poverty do not have affordable access to washing facilities. Furthermore, most coin-operated laundromats do not allow customers to wash cloth diapers for health and sanitary reasons. Additionally, most low income parents can’t afford a membership to a discount club like BJ’s or Costco where diapers are less expensive.



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