Bethel Fire & EMS: ‘Little acts of kindness … are the reason I love living and volunteering in Bethel’

Report by Paula Antolini, October 7, 2020, 9:24PM EDT

Message from Bethel Fire & EMS Brendon Ryan:

We Just got back from a fairly common call (at least in our area) of a wire causing a tree to catch on fire and while this is a fairly routine for us, this particular tree was in danger of causing issues for the house directly underneath it.

As we wanted to make sure the residents were safe, we removed them, along with our friends from Bethel PD, from a safe distance to the area behind our truck.

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One of the residents there went out of her way to provide comfort to these two folks who were clearly not having the best of days. Little acts of kindness like these displayed on calls like this, are the reason I love living and volunteering in Bethel.

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Many thanks to all who do little things because you are what Make Bethel a special town

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