Bethel Community Responds in Many Ways, Wants to Help to Displaced Families of Devastating Fire on Greenwood Avenue

Report by Paula Antolini
July 13, 2017 9:54PM EDT


Bethel Community Responds in Many Ways, Wants to Help to Displaced Families of Devastating Fire on Greenwood Avenue

Many in the Bethel community have come forward offering to help the families and business owners from the devastating fire on Greenwood Avenue early this morning. According to social media buzz there might be tables set up during the SummerFest this Saturday, to collect clothing for displaced families, and the Bethel Chamber of Commerce and churches are also helping.

View the growing list of the wonderful outpouring in our community and beyond, below:



From Wendy Cahill at Molten Java:

There is a collection box at Molten and we will make sure donations get to the proper place once the details are worked out!


From CynThia Rauschert of Spark Arts:

I’m the owner at SPARK Arts and have been reaching out to the businesses and families affected by the fire for most of the day, and been in touch with the town, but being new in town I don’t have a huge reach … I hope you and others will help me spread the word. My space is open as a temporary home to the dance, yoga, and arts studios in keeping their programs ongoing through the insurance and repair process. I’m also willing to host as a location to accept/organize goods donations, or hold meetings. Of course, I don’t have delicious Molten Java coffee, haha. Affected families can send their kids to camp for free next week and discounts for the rest of the summer. I already have a relationship with the family with four kids and one on the way. Please share this information and feel free to reach out to me with requests or questions. The Spark Arts studio number forwards to my mobile: 203.456.3651

For the businesses we have space for The Giggling Pig and the Irish Dance studio to continue their programming. I will be reaching out directly this afternoon, but it’s a busy day and wanted to at least get this out there so that you can all help me spread the word. Families and businesses are welcome to reach out to me directly at any time. The studio number rings to my cell phone.

If there is a need for space to collect donated items, or talk, or anything else, our studio is open.

Bethel Chamber of Commerce, anything we can do for you, just let us know!



A GoFundMe Page to help those displaced by the fire has been set up by Lindy Lindstrom:




Bethel Cares Support Group Facebook Page:




From Cheryl Prindle of At Home Consignment Shop:

I own AT HOME CONSIGNMENT SHOP IN BETHEL. I will donate anything to any of the families in need. Please have them stop by my shop once they are settled in their new homes and have assessed their needs. God Bless all of them, and all who saved their lives.



From MOMS Club of Danbury:

MOMS Club of Danbury Bethel would love to help the displaced families! Please let us know what their needs are. Our email address is momsclubdanburybethel@gmail.com



From Justin P.Rocco of Rocco’s Deli & Cafe:

To all the men & woman who helped put out the blaze on Greenwood Ave. this morning, we would like to thank you for your heroic actions.. Please stop by www.RoccosCT.com for a bite to eat, as a token of our appreciation.. Some of Rocco’s loyal customers have helped contribute to the fund.  “On the behalf of the town of Bethel, we SALUTE you..!”



From the Bethel Director of Social Services:

Helping Our Neighbors!
Many of you know that there was a fire here in Bethel last night which has affected several individuals and families. While it is not yet known exactly what needs replacing we are certain they will need help. The Social Services Department will be supporting some of our local church leaders as they gather and disseminate information as to how you can contribute. Please call Heather Knight McMillan at the 1st Congregational Church of Bethel at 203 743 1877 or send her an email at fccbsecretary@firstchurchbethel.org to find out what these Residents will need most. Heather has kindly offered to work collaboratively with other church leaders and be sure people get what they need.

At this time if anyone would like to make a monetary donation or supply a gift card for these families you can do that by stopping by mine or the Selectman’s office at the Municipal Building or by mailing it to:

The Community Council of Bethel
PO BOX 667
Bethel CT 06801

Should you need to reach me you can call 203 794 8537 or send an email to lawlorj@bethel-ct.gov

Thank you so much for being so willing to help!
Jenn Lawlor
Director of Social Services


UPDATE July 16, 2017 2:56PM EDT:

Message from Bethel Social Service Director Jenn Lawlor / July 14 at 5:52 p.m.

Social Services and/or the Red Cross will continue to check in and see that people get what they need.

Our church leaders are working hard to help raise funds, find out what needs replacing and how items can be collected and stored until more permanent housing is back in place for everyone.

Many local businesses have stepped forward offering meals, leisure etc… which is very kind.

Monetary and gift card donations can be dropped at the Municipal Center or sent via mail to the Community Council of Bethel PO Box 667 Bethel CT 06801 and there has also been a gofundme page established for those who find it easier to donate online.

I’m hoping sometime next week to have a better idea of how long those effected will be out of their apartments and in the meantime we will all continue to rally, work together and let them know their Bethel community is here for them.



UPDATE July 17, 2017, 4:14PM EDT:

UPDATE on Donations for Fire Victims
Message from First Congregational Church of Bethel:
Thank you Bethel community members and beyond! There has been a tremendous amount of support for the persons and businesses displaced from the fire that occurred July 13th,2017.
We have received many inquires about how best to aid in helping the victims. We are accepting donations based on the requests of the displaced.
At this time, we are requesting gift cards (gas, grocery, Target or other major brand)
This may be dropped off or mailed.
First Selectman’s Office, 1 School St, Bethel
The Community Council of Bethel,
P.O. Box 667 Bethel CT, 06801
There has also been a GoFundMe Account set up, the money raised will be distributed by Social Services.
We will continue to assess the needs of those affected. We have had many generous donation offers of furniture and household items. Please remember that at this time household items & furniture is not needed. Once the victims have a temp home this will be a need. We are keeping a list of all offers and will are passing along the information. Right now many are at motels, friends and families home.
We are so grateful for and humbled by the generous and kindness within our community.
Please contact Heather McMillan 203-743-1877
Or email fccbsecretary@firstchurchbethel.org




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