Bethel Board of Education Chairman Lawrence Craybas Battling Leukemia

Report by Paula Antolini, February 22, 2019, 10:08AM EDT

Bethel Board of Education Chairman Lawrence Craybas received a recent diagnosis of Leukemia. He is now at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York for the last week. He is also fighting numerous other ailments which complicate matters, according to daughter Terri Craybas.

As you would imagine, this is devastating to the family members and our community.

Mr. Craybas’ daughter, Terri Craybas, and other family members will be running the family business, the Gift Cottage in Bethel, located at 154 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel. while Mr. Craybas’ wife Joan is by his side staying in New York.

“Everything is up in the air on what’s happening, I think for right now we have it all under control.” said daughter Terri, “We’re really blessed with family and friends, it’s just a hard thing right now because everything is unknown.”

If you’d like to email betheladvocate@aol.com with sentiments, we will be sure to get those to him.

We all wish Mr. Craybas a speedy recovery.

Chairman Craybas speaks to graduating class of Bethel High School 2015 at WCSU.