Bethel Awarded $290,149 Grant To Improve Downtown Business District



The grant will fund the installation of new sidewalks, accessibility ramps, signage, streetscape, safety improvements and more.

Story and Photography By Paula Antolini
Sept 16, 2014 12:12PM EDT

CT State Representative Dan Carter just released the following information today, September 16, 2014:

BETHEL – It was announced today that Bethel will be awarded a $290,149 grant to be utilized for improving the town’s commercial center. The grant is a part of the state’s Main Street Investment Fund, which is administered through the state Department of Housing.

The grant will fund the installation of new sidewalks, accessibility ramps, signage, streetscape and safety improvements; including new pedestrian and handicapped pathways to the Downtown Business District. These enhancements will create a safe and more accessible downtown area, providing for a greater sense of community and increased recreational opportunities.

“Improving the safety and accessibility of our downtown area is an invaluable investment for our community.” Rep. Carter (R-2) continued, “Not only will this grant serve to enhance Bethel’s downtown area, but also represents a successful collaboration between state and local officials.”

Only 13 towns across Connecticut were selected to receive the competitively sought after funds. Grants through the Main Street Investment Fund are designed to improve town commercial districts. The grants are appropriated on a rolling basis to municipal applicants as well as owners of commercial private properties for applicable expenditures.


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