Rep. Will Duff Urges Action on Resolving State Budget Crisis

Report by Paula Antolini
June 28, 2017 4:31PM EDT



Rep. Will Duff Urges Action on Resolving State Budget Crisis

Encourage Democratic Colleagues to Consider Republican Proposal 

HARTFORD State Representative Will Duff (R-2) joined the House Republican caucus in calling for an up-or-down vote Thursday in the House on the balanced, no-tax increase budget proposed by Republicans – the third version produced by the caucus – noting the Democrats failed to produce a single complete proposal.

“We have a balanced, no-tax state budget that moves Connecticut to a better economic track and moves our state ahead with real structural change. Let’s stop the piece meal budgets, full of one-time revenues, fund gimmicks and large taxes hikes which only give us temporary fixes but no long-term stability,” said Rep. Will Duff. “The people and small businesses in Connecticut deserve better. The time to vote is now.”

Legislative Republicans proposed a full balanced budget this spring and then revised that proposal last month to account for a dramatic drop in revenue receipts.  Democrats did not even produce a plan by the time the legislative committees reached their deadlines later in the spring and still refuse to call the Republican budget for a vote.  If no budget is passed by the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, the governor will run the state on a series of continuing resolutions.

Duff considered this prospect distressing and warned that a prolonged budget struggle will result in huge problems for towns and cities that count on state revenue to help run local government. Those most at risk and in need of social services will also be affected.

“Leaving the state budget in the hands of a single individual, the Governor Malloy, without input or a check from the legislature, will cause pain and suffering to Connecticut’s most vulnerable residents,” said Rep. Will Duff. “I am disgusted the Democrats in the General Assembly have shirked their responsibility by not putting forward a budget or allowing us to vote on our state budget plan; talk about obstructionists. If you do not want to lead then step aside and let us move forward!”

Round 3 Budget changes: A list of major changes from House Republicans’ second budget proposal to our third proposal to keep our budget balanced. Most recently, we removed all fee increases and restored existing tax exemptions.

Appropriations: This is the budget. It shows how much House Republicans would appropriate to each account in the budget compared to the current year.

Municipal Aid: This is the run of major grants to each municipality. All towns will receive additional education funding. And, all towns will be flat-funded with regard to ALL municipal aid, including education funding.

All Budget Changes: A list of every policy and current services update on the spending side of the House Republican budget.

Revenue Changes: A list of every policy and current services update on the revenue side of the House Republican budget.



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