Message from Bethel RTC: Vote NO on ALL 6 Charter Questions, Reject the Charter Revisions on the Ballot on Nov. 4

Important message from the Bethel Republican Town Committee to protect the residents of Bethel regarding the upcoming election charter revision ballot questions.


Report by Paula Antolini / betheladvocate.com
Oct 31, 2014 8:52AM EDT


Press Release

Oct 30 2014

The Bethel Republican Town Committee announces a resolution concerning the Charter revision questions on the ballot this Tuesday

On November 4, the people of Bethel will be going to the polls to elect a new Governor and other elected State offices as well as voting on the possibility of changing the Town Charter. The Town Charter is the document that we use govern the town of Bethel.

After careful consideration the Bethel Republican Town Committee has come to the conclusion that the bundling of the 6 charter revision questions would not be beneficial to the people of Bethel. The Bethel Republican Town committee is asking the voters to reject the charter revisions.
Voting No on all 6 questions will ensure that the town of Bethel continues to operate in the same manner as it does today.

For more information, questions and explanations should be directed to the Town Committee Chairman William Duff, email pipercubct@yahoo.com

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