HGTV ‘Flea Market Flip’ Host Laura Spencer Visits Bethel Business Owner Bryan Shelley at Local Flea Market

Bethel businessman Bryan Shelley, owner of the ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor shop at 178 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT, had some interesting customers today while selling his merchandise at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT, today. 


Report by Paula Antolini
July 24, 2016 3:31PM EDT



Photo above: Laura Spencer, host of the famous HGTV ‘Flea Market Flip’ show, stopped at Bethel business owner Bryan Shelley’s antiques booth today at the Elephant Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT, with two of the show’s contestants looking to purchase merchandise.  Shelley owns the ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor shop in Bethel, CT.


HGTV ‘Flea Market Flip’ Host Laura Spencer Visits Bethel Business Owner Bryan Shelley at Local Flea Market

Bethel businessman Bryan Shelley, owner of the ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor shop (formerly ‘Traveling Wilder’ Antiques) at 178 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT, had some interesting customers today while selling his merchandise at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT, today.

“Since 1976, Treasure Hunters, Antique Collectors, Farmers, Foodies, Up-cyclers, Deal Seekers and Entrepreneurs of all kinds have flocked to the famous Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut every Sunday from April through December.” –Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market



Photo above: Bryan Shelley (right), owner of the ‘Urbane Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor Store in Bethel, CT, was selling in his booth at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market today, in New Milford.  Laura Spencer (left) paid a visit with her two contestants from the HGTV ‘Flea Market Flip’ show, searching for merchandise they can transform.  Photo below shows cameraman shooting footage as contestants view a cabinet.




Laura Spencer, host of the famous HGTV ‘Flea Market Flip’ show stopped at Shelley’s booth with two of the show’s contestants who were looking to purchase merchandise they could transform into a fabulous find for the show.  They purchased a beautiful Drexel Heritage Chinese cabinet from Shelley, see photo of item below.  Price was originally $100 and the couple offered him $70 and it was a sale.

Shelley said he was thrilled to see the beautiful show host and was happy to help the contestants find a special item.  He also donated some industrial swivel stools to help the crew!  Cameras captured the entire exchange and the show will air next year, Spencer said.





Photo above: Beautiful Drexel Heritage Chinese cabinet purchased at the trunk show from Bryan Shelley, owner of the ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor shop in Bethel CT.


Fellow antiques seller Lee Aydelotte Boffey, helping Shelley today, asked the couple what they were going to do with the cabinet for the show and they said, “Put it on a stand and make a bar out of it.”



CLICK HERE to walk through (view 360 degrees!) of The ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor shop in Bethel, CT.

More merchandise has arrived since the above view!  Stop in!

Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor has a variety of eclectic furniture and collectables.  Be sure to check out their circus-themed art and mid-century pieces that just arrived!























The ‘Urban Bohemian’ Antiques and Decor
(formerly ‘Traveling Wilder’ Antiques)
178 Greenwood Avenue
Bethel, CT
(203) 510-8526

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Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market
490 Danbury Road (Rte. 7 / 202) New Milford, CT 06776
E: etflea@gmail.com       P: 860-355-1448

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  137. You are such an inspiration. You can’t stop! If this is taking it’s tole on you, just slow down and don’t do one every day. We understand. We would truly miss seeing your designs and we learn from your tutorials. I haven’t had time to get my brayer out but I sure want to.

  138. Also, I disagree the capital city of Atlantis was located in Mesopotamia of South America, because it would have taken much longer to reach the city from the Pillars of Hercules than it would if the city was situated northern part of South America. I believe if it were in South America, it would have been in northern South America near Belem. Plato mentions that all the warlike men “sank” into the earth.. Could be a reference to dying in war, not flood. Possibly a nuclear war.

  139. FörstÃ¥r att det mÃ¥ste vara jättetrist med detta bloggproblem 🙁 Jag har ingen kunskap om sÃ¥nt här, kan det hjälpa att bara byta mailadress???Eller bÃ¥de mailadress + ny blogg pÃ¥ bloggspot???Jag är ingen bra hjälpare i denna frÃ¥ga men vill ju försöka komma pÃ¥ lite idéer. Tycker sÃ¥ himla synd om dig. Värk….stackars dig sÃ¥ trÃ¥kigt och tröttsamt det är…Krya pÃ¥ dig vännenAnn-Louisekram

  140. c’était absolument délicieux, avec Marielle et Loukoum en pensée par leurs réalisations/leurs recettes :)J’ai passé un moment vraiment formidable en votre compagnie, tes photos sont très belles gracianne, et reflètent parfaitement la simplicité/le bonheur de ce repas.Des bisous plein 😉

  141. I guess Sen. Menendez and the rest of the useless DSCC inside the beltway clowns just took their $300,000 and "flushed it down the toilet" in their misguided effort to defeat Elaine Marshall. This morning, they're probably wondering how they can move some of those magic SOUTH Carolina voting machines into NORTH Carolina for next time. The DSCC needs to get out in the world more, and by that, I don't mean an afternoon on the golf course with a bunch on insipid, corrupt fellow multi-millionaire fratboys.