Bethel Republican Caucus Endorses Candidates for the November Elections

Report by Paula Antolini
July 26, 2017 5:00PM EDT



Photo: Republican candidate for First Selectman, Cynthia McCorkindale.  (Bethel Advocate file photo.)


Bethel Republican Caucus Endorses Candidates for the November Elections

The Bethel Republican Town Committee (BRTC) Caucus was held on July 25, 2017 in the Bethel Middle School auditorium at 7:30 p.m, where endorsements were cast for candidates in the upcoming November 2017 election.  Approximately 60 individuals attended, according to BRTC Chairman Bill Hillman.

Bethel Republican Electors endorsed the BRTC recommended slate of candidates, without opposition, at their Caucus. Led by Cynthia McCorkindale for First Selectman, and Paul Szatkowski for Selectman, a full field of 30 candidates will face off against their rivals in the November 7th election.

The list of candidates and the offices they are running for is:

• First Selectman: Cynthia J. McCorkindale

• Selectman: Paul R. Szatkowski

• Town Clerk: Lisa Bergh

• Treasurer: John J. Kelly

• Board of Education: Melanie P. O’Brien, William B. Foster, Frances S. Pulle, Nicholas F. Hoffman

• Board of Finance: Timothy P. Draper, William R. Kingston, Bruce Cornwell, Alfred J. Bernard

• Board of Finance (2 Years): William H. Slifkin

• Board Of Assessment Appeals: James E. L’Hernault, William Duff

• Planning And Zoning Commission: Patricia A. Rist, Kitty A. Grant, Steven B. Deuschle

• Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate: James P. Hancock, Jr.

• Inland Wetlands Commission: Kenneth J. Stevens, Peter J. Samardak, Laura Anne Ferguson

• Zoning Board Of Appeals: John R. Streaman, Linda C. Curtis, Susan J. Catino

• Zoning Board Of Appeals (2 years): Bobbi Jo Beers

• Zoning Board Of Appeals Alternate: Stephen Ippolito

• Police Commission: Anthony J. Rubino, Richard H. Kolwicz

• Police Commission (2 Years): Kevin L. Cleary



McCorkindale, whom State Representative Will Duff calls a “bold, accomplished community leader,” Hillman said, has a multi-faceted background.  Currently a member of the Board of Finance, she previously served on the Board of Education, and is an experienced project manager as well as an international recording artist, Hillman said.

According to McCorkindale, the town is ready for a change. “I plan to reach out to the widest possible group of taxpayers who want new leadership in Bethel.”

In a statement to the Caucus, McCorkindale noted the great work done by the Republican led Boards of Education, Finance, Planning & Zoning, and other boards, Hillman reports, and in a call for unity, she urged working together, citing common goals for the future of Bethel.

“I’m very proud of our Republican-endorsed team,” Hillman said, “Cynthia is a tireless campaigner, and we want to win in November, letting our excellent Republicans continue their great work.”

“This will be a different kind of election season,” said Hillman, who is looking forward to the campaign.








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