Bethel Police Officer McKinney Saves Overdose Victim’s Life by Administering Narcan

Report by Paula Antolini
February 23, 2017 10:48AM EDT


Bethel Police Officer McKinney Saves Overdose Victim’s Life by Administering Narcan

An Officer from the Bethel Police Department has used Narcan to revive an overdose victim, and saved the victim’s life.  He is the first officer in Bethel to use the Narcan device.

Officer Michael McKinney responded to a call about an overdose in town on Wednesday night, and used an application of Narcan on the unconscious male victim, administered the dose intranasally (via the nose) with an applicator.

All police vehicles in Bethel carry Narcan and officers are trained in its use.

Posted on Bethel Police Facebook Page:

“Last night, Bethel Police Officer McKinney responded to a possible overdose. Upon arrival he located an unconscious male who appeared to be suffering from an opiate overdose. Recognizing the symptoms, he immediately administered Narcan intranasally.

All Bethel Police vehicles are equipped with Narcan and all officers are trained in its use. Officer McKinney is the first officer to use Narcan since its agency wide deployment. Officer McKinney’s actions may well have saved this man’s life.”


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Editor Note:

Please be aware there is a heroin and opiates awareness group that formed in Bethel a little over a year ago, called “The Hero Project” and the group recently held their first Narcan Training Event at the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department in Bethel CT.  More training events are coming up, check links below or check betheladvocate.com for more information to come.

View the Hero Project website here: http://heroherohero.org/

View the Hero Project Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/theheroprojectbethel/

Next Hero Project fundraising event “Pizza Challenge” is March 30th: https://www.facebook.com/events/1341339562608092/

A recent Hero Project “Coffee Social” Fundraising and Awareness event:  http://betheladvocate.com/hero-project-coffee-social-at-molten-java-had-hot-music-and-a-cool-crowd-to-raise-awareness-about-addiction-epidemic-and-gather-support/